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Motor City Spray Gun Paint Remover (Gun Flush)

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Motor City Spray Gun Paint Remover (Gun Flush) will Aggressively Soften and Remove Residue: The product is designed to be highly effective in softening and removing paint residue. This is especially important in the automotive and industrial painting fields, where paint build-up on spray guns and related equipment can impede performance and result in subpar finishes. The "aggressive" nature of this formula means it can tackle stubborn paint residues, making it a valuable tool for maintaining equipment.


Effective on Both Solvent and Water-Based Coatings: The versatility of this product is a key feature. It can effectively remove residues from a wide range of coatings, including both solvent-based and water-based paints. This flexibility is crucial as different painting applications may involve various types of coatings, and having a single product that can handle both is advantageous.


Safe for Internal and External Paint Gun Parts and Surfaces: The Gun Flush can be used on both the internal and external parts and surfaces of paint guns. This versatility is significant because it allows for thorough cleaning, ensuring that no paint residues remain in critical components of the spray gun. Additionally, this feature helps prolong the life of the equipment by preventing the accumulation of residue in hard-to-reach areas.


Preserves Packings, Seals, and Gaskets: One of the standout benefits of this product is that it can remove paint residue without causing damage to important components like packings, seals, and gaskets. This is vital because the integrity of these parts is critical to the proper functioning of a paint gun. Ensuring they remain undamaged extends the lifespan of the equipment and maintains its performance.


In summary, the "Motor City Spray Gun Paint Remover (Gun Flush)" is a specialized cleaning solution designed for the automotive and industrial painting industry. It is formulated to be highly effective in removing paint residue from a variety of coatings, both solvent-based and water-based. Its versatility extends to its ability to safely clean both internal and external parts of paint guns, all while preserving the integrity of crucial components like packings, seals, and gaskets. This product is a valuable tool for maintaining equipment, ensuring consistent performance, and achieving high-quality paint finishes.



 WARNING: Cancer.


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