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About Motor City Refinish Auto Paint & Detroit Gear

Motor City Refinish is the place to buy car paint and Detroit themed gear. Paints, Polos, T-shirts, Hoodies, and Accessories are all available online and ready to ship. We Manufacture, Test, Label and Ship all products from the Detroit, MI area. Our products are made by Car Painters for Car Painters

Forged In Detroit

Motor City Refinish was founded by paint people for paint people. Taking things back to a time when product ideas came from real conversations in the shop with the actual craftsmen of the trade. MCR is everything you’d expect from a Detroit based company: Bold, Strong, Creative, Hard Working, get your hands dirty type of company that is developing products that open the avenues needed for our customers to show off their creativity, the way it was back in the day, here in Detroit.


Having 30+ years in the industry, MCR was created by people that have listened to the end user and developed a brand to fill what has been lost over the years, Quality, Custom, Cool, Service, need I go on?

Bringing the vehicles that were born in Detroit back to life with our products, colors and customer support.

Come join us in the resurgence of Detroit, the Motor City!

Hear it from us...

Having experience in a variety of industries where color is key, MCR is a leader in bringing unique color requests to life. Colors from conception to seeing it cruising down the road.

We strive to keep that Detroit pride, Detroit spirit, in everything we do. What better place to create paint products for car enthusiasts than where it all started, Detroit.

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